Ivan Ginev

a.k.a. ivgin

About me

I've started my design career more than two decades ago. It's been a huge part of my life ever since. I have a Bachelors degree in Graphic design and am currently working on a Masters degree in New Bulgarian University. I'm founder of Cog Graphics - graphic and web design studio.

I'm interested in beautiful and meaningful representation of information. My work tries to solve more problems than it creates. I've been honored to work on wonderful projects for Bulgarian and international clients.

I participate regulary in educational initiatives for students and beginner designers because I believe that our field of work needs more publicity and fresh recruits. Sometimes I am jury in design contests.

I like to get theoretical about design, technologies, culture, video games and work ethics. The outcome I publish on Medium.

I ride a lot of bicycles. I post regularly on Instagram.

You can email me.


Some of my work can't be categorized as work. So it finds its place here.

Inktober 2021
Always look at the bright side of ink

Elytra Black
Coming sooner or later


Current mood